the main Uses of DoLquest

DoLquest is the First Questionnaire based on a Systemic Approach. It is particularly suited to supporting individuals, teams and the company in coaching mode in an environment which has become complex and uncertain. When points of reference change, innovation and creativity become key words for both individuals and organisations. The Science of Complex Systems heralds and supports this change of paradigm.

DoLquest highlights with simplicity the complexity and added value of the individual or the team, their internal operating methods, their energies, their interactions with the environment and their emerging potentialities.

For he or she who becomes an expert, DoLquest allows people to grow supported and to grow on their own. In addition, with DoLquest, the Expert has the advantage of benefiting from an innovative, powerful and solid support. DoLquest highlights the Expert that it uses as it allows the revelation of complexity, wealth and the potentialities of each while individual while working at an impressive level of depth and detail. The complete absence of implicit and explicit value judgement and DoLquest’s ability to take different contexts into account give another dimension to their approach.

Individual support

  • Coaching and Support of High Potential Individuals
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Peer Coaching
  • Short Coaching
  • Perspectives Coaching

Team support through

  • Team coaching
  • Strategic support
  • Implementing Collective Intelligence
  • Team Development
  • Team Building
  • Motivation and Team Dynamics
  • Team Spirit Development
  • Customisation

Management and Leadership Development

  • Development Coaching
  • Integration Coaching
  • Support of High Potential Individuals
  • Strategic Coaching
  • Management Development and Fundamentals of Management
  • Tandem, Team & Leader
  • Leadership Development
  • Project Support
  • By Customisation

Development of Organisations