Testimonies of Experts

My DoLquest, by Eva PETER

See her site at www.evapeter.eu

Coaching & Consulting, Vienna (Austria)

I am a coach with systemic background. I profoundly believe in individual development and in individual solutions. For many years I had refused the idea of using a profiling tool, because they invariably tend to put candidates in a box, or candidats interpret them as a « good or bad » selection tool.

Then I was introduced to DoLquest.

The fact that it combines a number of types of logic – binary, multifactor, process logic – , AND outspokenly deals with evolution over time, makes the analysis rich and the tool a dynamic rather than static one. I was intrigued by this new approach, and put it to the test immediately.
In this process, I discovered the quality of the support and supervision process, which is fast, efficient, tailormade, and of exceptional quality. My regard of coachees and their patterns and behaviour modes has sharpened and deepened at the same time.

Over the years, I have never seen a candidate walk away from DQ feedback with an impression of « I am (not) good enough », as invariably happened with the Insights, DISCS, Hermanns, etc … and the 360° feedback tools I faced when working for corporate clients.
Rathe, my clients are profoundly greatful for the light shed into their modes of functioning and for explanations for their behaviour in certains sitiations and faced with certain people where before the DQ they felt not up to standards, or vaguely torn between conflicting needs. They found it very helpful and very reassuring to know themselves better from a variety of perspectives, and to know their reliable sources of energy and what they may well be used to but actually consumes their energy. This is very different from the traditional « I cand do well / not well » approaches.

Clients have felt understood, empowered, motivated to make their own choices on an informed basis.

Some of the comments that struck me in my coaching work with DoLquest included:

« I have an inventory of my strengths, my competencies, and the way I need to function. DoLquest has helped me to act and decide more in sync with my own personality and to have the courage to make professional choices that correspond to my own nature and passion, but run counter the advice my bosses and my family tried to impose. »

« I have finally understood why my family reproaches with not caring, when I know that I care. I am now aware of our different personalities, and . rather than arguing, I am finding ways to handle. »

« Considering and discussing my DQ profile has helped me connect to what I felt was inside me but had not ackowledged because norms in my organisation have no space for this. I am now making my own choices and start to dare considering a move into a different proessional field, more in sync with who I am. »

« I use the insight from y DQ report tobe patient and trustful with myself in my complex decision making processes. I now know what I need to come to a decision. In working with my clients and my team, I use the DQ entrance doors model to adapt my inputs and presentations to where I see that their focus is. It has made me a far more people and account manager »

I look forward to deepening my insight into this rich tool and to seeing more and more of the professional and personal flourishing that I have witnessed DQ feedback support so beautifully.

My DoLquest, by Cinzia Garetto

Consulenza Manageriale, Torino (Italia)

See her at http://www.spazio-personale.it/?page_id=2

« Quando ho ricevuto il debriefing del mio questionario Dolquest sono rimasta favorevolmente colpita dalla precisione e dalla profondità di lettura senza giudizio del proprio profilo che questo strumento offre.

Come psicologa del lavoro ho spesso utilizzato test e questionari in supporto a programmi di sviluppo individuali e di gruppo, ed ho avuto modo di confrontare i risultati del Dolquest con quelli che avevo in precedenza ottenuto con strumenti diversi, sia in termini di impatto positivo nel momento del debriefing individuale che come effetti a lungo termine.

Le persone che ricevono il debriefing del Dolquest ne interiorizzano rapidamente i riferimenti e fanno proprio lo strumento utilizzandolo come supporto e riferimento costante nel loro percorso di sviluppo.

Inoltre,come Dolquest Expert apprezzo in modo particolare il linguaggio che permette di entrare rapidamente in sintonia con gli interlocutori aziendali e la visione sistemica, che sviluppa nella persona la capacità di vedere sé stessa in relazione agli altri e all’ambiente di riferimento

Durante il debriefing mi è capitato più volte di assistere a veri e propri momenti di insight, in cui il debriefee accede ad un livello di consapevolezza a volte liberatorio. Potrei citare molti episodi a questo proposito , ma mi limito a ricordare il caso di una dirigente che si sentiva trattata ingiustamente e discriminata dal proprio capo , e che durante il debriefing ha improvvisamente compreso che si trattava semplicemente di un problema di comunicazione su cui poteva intervenire (cosa che ha poi fatto con successo).

Per questi motivi ritengo il questionario Dolquest uno strumento prezioso per tutti i professionisti che si occupano dello sviluppo delle persone, dei gruppi e delle organizzazioni. »