Register for DoLquest Certification

Please send us an email as soon as possible to notify us of your intention. This will allow us to reserve you a place that you can later confirm.

Each future participant is followed personally.


Stage 1, defining your option

Meeting the criteria. Certified DoLquest Experts are high level Professionals recognized in their field. They are mainly Coaches, Trainer-Coaches, Consultants, Human Resources Specialists, Systemic Therapists, HR Managers. They have already worked in personal development and have good self-knowledge. A place may still be reserved for future Coaches (Junior Coach).

Ensure that DoLquest is the “tool” that corresponds to you, DoLquest is based on the Science of Complex Systems and on Systemics.

Make a choice about Certification type. The Classical Certification by in-person format (3 days), the Online Certification (spread over 60 days), the Special Certification (4 to 5 days in residential, allying Certification to individual profiles and TeamIN. (Certification subject to availability).

Stage 2, finalisation of your registration and preparing for the Certification

You confirm your registration to a specific session, we send you the relevant invoice and your payment will confirm your participation.

You enter the Certification preparatory phase; it is not obligatory but recommended. We prepare your personal Base which will allow you to manage your candidates as you wish.

Stage 3, welcome to the DoLquest Certification

Your very first step is today. By sending us your request, you initiate the path to become DoLquest Expert and join the Network.