The Nine Principles of the DoLquest® Philosophy

Establish that each being is unique, who must be understood as such, and desire to contribute to supporting this process of awareness and individuation

Stress the difference between the job and the individual, in order to give each person the chance to figure out their own importance and room for manoeuvre

State that “success” is a positive balance between an environment and an individual and that it is truly about deciphering the two and not about making definitive value judgements

Be convinced that the target to be reached is a balance between the individual, the team, society and the company. This balance is based on the harmonious integration of the different components of the human being

Formalise the ability of each person to understand and implement one’s potentialities for evolution, to become aware of one’s emergences and create new synapses

Argue that in a rapidly changing environment like the one we know, alignment is required between the reality of this transformation and representation of the individual: in a newly complex environment, be aware of the individual of a complex, evolutive and ecosystemic entity

Giveback meaning to the “living being”, is about complexity, evolution and creativity. Refuse to put or enclose a personality into a box or fixed, pre-established category

Confirm that the principle “the particle is matter and energy” must also be applied to the human being, thus wishing to contribute to raising awareness and highlighting the “Energy” part of each person

Advocate the internal and external dialogue, the very foundation of democracy and freedom.

The Ethics behind Expert DoLquest®

DoLquest® is a tool which helps people understand themselves and people among them; it is not a power tool, nor a normative tool, or a categorisation tool.

DoLquest® does not carry value judgements and does not lead to judgement on the skills of debriefed people.

An assertion does not have any meaning other than in the context of a given profile. It holds no value in itself and cannot be thrust forward as an absolute truth.

The individual is more important than the tool; it is by taking into account the individual as a whole that all his or her facets and in his or her complexity that the Questionnaire gains value.

The debriefing session brings the Meta posture and the systemic approach to life. It is a dialogue (and not a monologue), a common construction (and not top-down value judgements), an openness to possibilities (and is not locked into determining factors).

The personal Questionnaire is not communicated to anyone else, it is not sent to any third party whatsoever.

All DoLquest Questionnaires® are delivered during a personalised debriefing. A DoLquest profile is never sent unaccompanied to the candidate, it is the support of a constructive dialogue between Debriefer and Debriefed.

The individual debriefed on his or her DoLquest® receives all information to have the methods to fully understand his or her profile and that of others by his or herself and in a long-lasting way so as to contribute to enriching and deepening it if he or she so wishes.