Enable your Team to benefit from TeamIN

To enable your team to benefit from a TeamIN

Stage 1- After confirmation of your request, a telephone interview will be carried out to better understand your issues, your context and your objectives.

Stage 2- The choice of DoLquest Expert or Experts. Whether you already know a DoLquest Expert, or you wish to know one and we can refer one, you can validate their DoLquest references.

Stage 3- With your Expert, the 3 Phases: preparation and adjustment, implementation, feedback.

DoLquest allows you to blend the relevance of the individual profile and power of the team profile.

Main types of implementation:

Team Coaching. Support the development of the team based on the areas selected. Three main implementation stages: TeamIN seminar and formalisation of areas of development by the team itself, support of the team coach on various sessions based on pre-defined approaches, feedback and perspectives.

Implementation of the intelligent team dynamic. “One shot”, ½-day or 1-day Seminar. Four stages to implement: your confirmation, preparation based on your objectives, implementation, feedback.

Team Development as part of the training programme. TeamIN fits into your programme and guarantees appropriation by the participants. Customised development programmes for teams and individuals using DoLquest are equally possible. Four main implementation stages: preparation with definition of a driver, implementation and adjustment, launch and regular adjustments, feedback and perspectives.


A taste of

“Frankly, I never would have thought that we could work with such quality and such depth. We updated some things left unsaid which had been plaguing us for some time. We set off on a new footing, in a very healthy way. We acquired the ability to question ourselves as a team and self-regulate. My role as boss is a lot lighter, before I felt like I was going through it all alone. Now the team is autonomous… and I have more time and energy to spend on my real added value.”

Laurent B. Company Boss

“Each time I use DoLquest, it is a great moment both for the team and for myself. With DoLquest, it is the first time that I feel I have understood at an almost intimate level. I understood the spirits and the interactions involved. I became aware of what had gone on in some unpleasant circumstances I had experienced before. That never happened again! “

Benjamin T., Director of BU, a major international group

“The DoLquest team’s facilitation was a unique, extraordinary and amazing moment, that I still remember today. Things unsaid, fluidity, an unbelievable energy, being yourself in your own right, “resilience”; there was a “before” and “after” the debriefing. An awareness of what I was and what I held in terms of potential. And above all, I also understand how to get started to develop in the best possible way, both for me and for others.”

Robin D., International Development Manager