1st Systemic Personality Questionnaire & Team Profile

Personality Questionnaire and a Team Profile based on a systemic approach, DoLquest is dedicated to Professional Coaching and supports the development of Innovative Organisations.

Facilitated by high-level coaches, DoLquest contributes to improve the capability of individuals, teams and organizations to design their own future.

DoLquest reveals how much and how each person is Unique, Evolving and full of Potentialities.

The Questionnaire is available in seven languages. Its keywords: Energies, Dynamics, Evolutivity, Uniqueness, Interconnecting, Consciousness and Intelligence.

the DoLquest Dimension

a systemic Approach to the Person, the Team and the Companies

my profile
DoLquest INtegral©

I am Unique, Evolving
and full of Potential

my team
DoLquest TeamIN©

TeamIN gives our team entry into
a 3d dimension: Team Empowerment

my company
DoLquest INtity©

DoLquest INtity reveals the DNA of my company,
how it is unique and its own model

an International Network of Independent Certified Experts

A learning and dynamic professional network of coaches, systemicians and HR specialists, all trained, certified and supervised in their practice.

DoLquest, with several thousand profiles and experience spanning over 20 years, operates through spin-offs and natural diffusion.

Usage and Difference

DoLquest Consultancy Group

a dedicated team of DoLquest Experts designing, accompanying & facilitating
the Implementation of innovative Corporate Projects

Ecosystemic Leader©

The new dimension of a Leader, in all its facets,

accompanied in a concrete, equipped manner.

Team INception©

Develops the intelligence
and the resilience of a Team

the DoLquest Identity

3d Géneration Personality Questionnaire

DoLquest aims at raising awareness in a practical way. It integrates three dimensions. Self knowledge or how to be aware of one’s own operating system and also that of others. Interactions or how to decipher interactions specific to a profile, internally and with the outside. Energies or how to recognize the inner energies in a profile and the emerging Potentialities.

DoLquest’s systemic approach allows the debriefed person to understand and integrate interactions on three levels: itself oneself, others and its environment. The debriefee acquires autonomy and is able to build his-her specific added value.

a Unique Approach to the Person

Development potential, or Potentialities, is highlighted with DoLquest, they open the possibility for each person to sketch out their life path.

Now even more precious that Time, is Energy. An often-neglected resource which DoLquest describes and characterises for each Profile. A real development lever.

With DoLquest, each individual is Unique. Learning to formalise this uniqueness drives home the added value specific to each individual and is one of the conditions for the return of creativity. With DoLquest, the combination of your Profile is Unique, just like You. Just like your Team. And your Organisation.

In a moving, changing environment, getting to know your own invariants and stability areas is a factor in sustainable success.

Becoming aware of what sets the dynamics specific to each individual and each team and of what moves or stops its motion.

Personnality Questionnaire for the 21st century, yours

Systemics allows us to understand and make sense of the new complexity of our environment. By gaining access to its own complexity composed of emergences, dynamics and resilience, everyone can then integrate more easily into this new world.

Intelligence is based on the capacity to make or create links, new synapses, a pledge of plasticity or adaptability. Making these connections means understanding the interactions between situations experienced, between a profile and a context, between a loss of energy and its source, etc. Intel-ligere, an intelligence potion.

Should you be a consumer of your own profile, passively waiting for someone to tell you what you are like and into which box you will be placed? Without being able to interact and influence the “result”? Or should you have a common experience of construction to which you contribute and from which you leave enriched? Should you just wait or instigate movement and get things started? It is your choice. That of DoLquest is the second category, having an experience and finding the complexity of the living being.

The 21st century is about the return of collective intelligence: in a complex world, group intelligence. It is built based on respect and the awareness of the uniqueness of each individual. The paradigm shift induced by the digital revolution is reshuffling the cards and changing the rules. Creativity and innovation are once again the keys for long-lasting success. Creativity is born from the awareness by each person of what is specific to him or her and what can be taken from or contributed to it. Did you say DoLquest?

Mutation: when everything is moving at the same time and the reference points which appear fixed also start changing. This is characterising the start of the century. However, a vast majority of approaches assert that each person is dealt a specific, fixed hand that never evolves. Oh what a beautiful paradox! Personal DNA is evolving, the individual is transforming. The awareness of both what is stable (one’s own invariants, points of stability) and what is moving and evolving (one’s evolving potentialities) is one of the best ways of giving oneself the means to help sketch out one’s own path of individuation. Thank you, Karl (Gustav).

“Strengths” in one context become “weaknesses” in another. The same person will react differently in team A and in team B. For a given profile, some contexts are more promising than others. One same profile, depending on the context, will not have the same impact. So, understanding and qualifying a context becomes indispensable in navigating the different stages of a career and a life.

Science and History

It was a dream to have a Personality Questionnaire subtle enough to envisage the person as a whole, able to embrace his interactions with others and with different environments and to enhance his its potential and his inner complexity. The dream of a Personality Questionnaire allowing to develop one’s own awareness, the awareness of others and to realize at the same time how each of us is unique.

A Questionnaire contributing to creating mutual respect, of oneself, of others and far from any judgement values. To access to another dimension, the one where things are possible because everyone reveals potentials and is dynamically evolving his whole life. In short, to have a “questionnaire” not a “test” judging you.

DoLquest made this dream happen.

Science of Complex Systems

A complex system is a « set of elements and of their components interacting dynamically and organized according to a specific goal ».

An example? Internationally, we entered into a higher complex world in two steps. First, by going from a world governed by 2 main Empires («the « Cold War » – black or white, friend or foe) to a world game with much more Powers (the G20). Each of them evolving differently at different steps. Second, whem actors entered the international game without being invited and not respecting the existing rules. Emergence. Nine Eleven.

The main Characteristics of Complexity are : uncertainty, emergence/innovative, dynamics/movement, fluidity, inner energy, instant , autonomy, regulation (ability to balance), no result. Some people see Complexity as « it is complicated » and qualify it as non

Our Brain is a complex system.

Not a machine. “Neuro Marketing” tries to sell to companies the fact that they would be able to predict human behaviours by using the neuroscience. How could it be possible, knowing that each of our one hundred billions neurons is connected to others with an average of 10 000 synapses and with a very interesting number of glial cells ? And that a “map” of each brain would also have to take into account that each specific brain has developed in a unique way, given one’s specific environment? And that Brain is not Man, as the Map is not the Territory.


It is a way to envisage ourselves and our environment as a whole and to (fore)see what is at stake. Systemics is one of the best way to understand what is at stake today, as an individual, as a team or a company. At the very beginning of the scientific era, at the Renaissance, the world and the science were envisaged as a whole. Then following the Enlightments, Science became more and more « rational », cutting the reality in order to analyze it better. It was a great strenght. An image? Allopathy vs Homeopathy.

A system is a coherent entity made of different elements moving at diverse speeds and interacting together in a dynamic interaction. A systemic approach sees the links between the diverse elements of the system, turns its attention towards the side/counter/ effects of the decision/action, has a global perception and sees time as a cycle and change as a continuum where modifications occur simultaneously.




Neuroscience is the scientific knowledge of the Brain. It contributes to make us understand the specific relation and vision of the world each of us has. Hence the behaviors and the reactions and evolution we may have. Our three « Brains » (Reptilian, Limbic, Cortical) and two Hemispheres (Right and Left) do not really make the difference in terms of intelligence. Our human intelligence is mainly based on the links we are able to create – the synapses, among others-, hence our ability to evolve and to adapt.

The synapses are the connections between the neurons. Even if we may lose neurons in some parts of the brain, when we grow old, we are always in capacity to create new synapses. It means that we can always develop potentialities and adapt to new situations or contexts. This explains also why each of us is a unique combination of the synapses we have – or not – activated. As it is considered that we know only around 5% of the way our Brain works, let us stay very humble.

Ancient Greek People thought that what we call today the « brain » is in the stomach. Recently neuroscientists discovered that we may have neurons in our stomach too. It seems that our stomach could « think ». If it is the case, does it change our idea of the human intelligence?

DoLquest was designed to support coaching missions. The Expert DoLquest posture is that of the Professional Coach and DoLquest is aligned with the professional Ethics of Coaching. DoLquest is an active support for the Coach, especially for:

  • Getting straight to the essential, “more quickly, more deeply”
  • With a clear, in-depth diagnosis without any value judgements,
  • Gaining awareness of interactions between oneself and the world and their consequences,
  • Seeing one’s personal Profile in a dynamic, evolutionary manner,
  • To appropriate what makes one different and one’s added value,
  • Gain access to the formalisation of its internal decision-making and resourcing mechanisms,
  • Understanding what can cause loss of energy or control,
  • Discover one’s potential,
  • Be aware of the image that one portrays and its impacts,
  • Get to know one’s management style and leadership style,
  • Open up the field of possibilities.

Originally in French and then Italian, of Latin culture and developed in Europe, it reflects the idea of the individual, of synthesis and depth. It is thus particularly relevant and effective in complex multicultural environments. It has also benefited from scientific contributions, the systems science and neuroscience, to allow it to reflect both the uniqueness and universality of each person.

The images on this site are all from Giotto de Bondone and come manly from the Scrovegni Chapel in Padua. This is not only to acknowledge the origins of DoLquest. This is mostly to pay tribute to the fourteenth century Italian painter, as he initiated a revolution in the way of seeing the world. He (re)introduced putting things into perspective. He raised awareness about depth. Finally, he innovatively distinguished people’s faces and thus highlighted the uniqueness of each person.

Our epoch seems to be of the same nature, with its growing complexity, its paradigm shifts and its renewed creativity. DoLquest, for its time and its capacity, hopes to be located in the same line: in an epoch where rules are redefined, awareness is gained of each person and their otherness, where we help develop new perspectives for the individual, the team and the organisation.

Notre époque semble bien être de même nature, avec sa complexité croisssante, ses changements de paradigme et sa créativité renouvelée. DoLquest, pour son époque et à sa mesure, espère se situer dans cette même lignée : à une époque de redéfinition des règles, faire prendre conscience la singularité de chacun et de l’altérité, contribuer à mettre en valeur de nouvelles perspectives, pour la personne, l’équipe et  l’organisation.

The DoLquest name


Comes from Sanskrit. An imperceptible – not yet visible – movement, the start of something, which sets in motion transformation, evolution.

“queste” “quest”

Comes from Latin and Ancient French. It has the same signification as our « quest » in English. To look for, to search, to evolve through the search, to question and the pursuit of knowledge.

DoLquest is actually a “questionnaire” and not a “test”. It supports people’s development. It does not evaluate competences, it does not classify people into pre-established boxes. DoLquest highlights the unique profile and unique potentialities.

Its logo, the constellation

Logo DQ

This represents the plasticity of our brains with synapses and a constellation of the universe. As the infinitely small joins the infinitely big (Xuan-Thuan Trinh, Astrophysicist), as everything above is like everything below (Tabula Smaragdina).

The (alpha, sign of the infinity) of the plasticity and potential of our brain. The ? of the constellations and universes in which we are immersed.

The possibility of each, with DoLquest, to understand one’s own system, in constellation with that of others.

The network is composed of over 200 high-level trained and certified Experts. It works on a learning network.

It is made up of 82% Professional Coaches.

Within the community of Professional Coaches, DoLquest is considered the number 1 support to accompany the development of people and teams in coaching mode.


DoLquest and its Certification Programme are recognised and accredited by the ICF. Founded in 1995 in the USA, the ICF is the world’s leading international coaching association.


DoLquest is available in 7 languages and has been used in 21 countries.


DoLquest has over 1 million possible combinations as each Profile yields a unique profile.

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